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How Soon is Too Soon to Divorce

It’s a tricky one. The two year separation has fallen out of favour. Largely because many separating couples emotionally find it difficult to remain legally bound to a person of their emotional past when they are concentrating on building a … Continue reading

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Are you my new mummy? And other horror stories….

Meeting new partners can be a fraught issue but with careful and sensitive management and a bit of realism it does not have to be an explosive one. The thought of children spending time with their parent and new partner … Continue reading

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Unmeshing the Mesher Order: A Magical Solution?

Creating two homes where once there was one is often an impossible conjuring trick for separating families. Often there isn’t enough equity in the family home for both parents to purchase new properties and mortgage capacities are often stretched to … Continue reading

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The Separated Family’s 12 Days of Christmas

Survival advice from coach, therapist and counsellor Jackie Walker A partridge in a pear tree – ‘The Family’ Divorced, separated or together – there are two parents, and children. This constitutes a family. Even when parents have divorced, the family … Continue reading

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Should Separated Mothers Work? Revisited….

My initial short blog came about in response to a query from a father who had been separated for 10 years and whose former wife had made it quite clear that she had no intention of seeking paid employment. The … Continue reading

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I was always a skeptic about Couples Counselling….

I was always a skeptic about couples counselling. After all, you can’t manufacture love. You can’t ‘talk’ it into existence if it has been extinguished. Better just to accept love is gone, tidy up the mess and move on, than … Continue reading

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Should Mothers Work? Whether they want to or not…

When married parent’s separate, the Court’s first consideration is the children’s welfare so financial arrangements are often put in place that benefit, on the face of it, the primary carer as the parent with the greater ‘need’. However both parents … Continue reading

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